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Our commitment is to provide full service digital marketing and advertising. We actually enjoy creating your digital assets then market, streamline and monetize them.

This includes web design, app development, video production, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram advertising and marketing campaigns.

Full service marketing and advertising


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Mobile and e-commerce websites


Marketing & Advertising Campaigns


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National and Local SEO



Dominate your local competition with this comprehensive SEO package, attracting more high-quality leads and converting them into loyal customers.


Comprehensive Analysis & Strategy:

✔️ Reporting & Customer Dashboard

✔️ Global Website Audit

✔️ Page Specific Audit

✔️ Keyword Grouping & URL Mapping

✔️ Duplicate Content Check (Up to 15 Pages)


Technical Optimization:

✔️ Google Analytics, Search Console & Bing Webmasters Setup

✔️ Web Form Conversion Tracking Setup

✔️ Robots.txt Optimization

✔️ Canonicalization


On-Page Optimization:

✔️ Title & Meta Tags (Up to 15 Pages)

✔️ Image, Hyperlink, Heading Tag & Internal Links Optimization (Up to 1 Page)


Local SEO & Rich Snippets:

✔️ Google My Business Setup & Optimization

✔️ GMB Listing Optimization (Adding Images, Videos, Hours of Operation)

✔️ 1 GPS Listing Submission

✔️ Adding Rich Snippets (Up to 15 Pages)


What’s Included:

✔️ Dedicated SEO Manager

✔️ Monthly Progress Reports & Consultations

✔️ Online Knowledge Base & Resource Library

✔️ Technical Support

Pay Per Click


Dominate your competition and maximize ROI with this comprehensive PPC package. We craft and manage strategic campaigns to deliver explosive lead growth and measurable results.


Campaign Launch & Foundation:

✔️ Dashboard Account Creation & Setup
✔️ Campaign Kick-Off Call
✔️ Google Ads Account Creation & Linking
✔️ Keyword Research & Ad Group Creation
✔️ Conversion Tracking Setup
✔️ Campaign & Ad Group Set Up
✔️ Google Analytics & Search Console Integration


Ongoing Campaign Management:

✔️ Google Extensions Setup
✔️ Call Tracking & Dashboard Integration
✔️ Keyword Bid Management
✔️ Click Fraud Detection & Monitoring
✔️ Form Tracking & Monitoring
✔️ Underperforming Keyword & Ad Pausing
✔️ Negative Keyword Addition


Reporting & Analysis:

✔️ Weekly PPC Reports
✔️ Month 1 PPC Performance Report


What’s Included:

✔️ Dedicated PPC Account Manager
✔️ Ongoing Campaign Optimization & Adjustments
✔️ Budget Management & Forecasting
✔️ Technical Support & Troubleshooting
✔️ Access to Knowledge Base & Online Resources

Social Media Optimization



Dominate the social media landscape. This comprehensive package ensures consistent engagement, audience growth, and measurable results, propelling your brand forward.



✔️ 36 Posts per month

(18 business, 18 generic)

✔️ 18-20 Instagram influencer shout outs

✔️ Trending hashtags

✔️ 1 Blog post

✔️ Infographics



✔️ Finding and joining relevant groups

✔️ 15 engagements per week



✔️ Schedule, approve, and post through dashboard

✔️ Dedicated account manager

✔️ Facebook

✔️ Twitter

✔️ LinkedIn

✔️ Instagram

✔️ Copywriting and graphic design

✔️ Weekly and monthly reports

✔️ Friend/follower acquisition

✔️ Call, chat, and email support

Web Development


$5000/average cost

Build a stunning and functional website to impress your audience and attract leads. This comprehensive package delivers the perfect balance of design and performance.

Website Design & Development:

✔️ Custom Theme

✔️ 3 Revision Rounds

✔️ 20 Pages

✔️ Contact Form Integration

✔️ Custom Auto Response & Admin Notifications

✔️ Plugin Installation (up to 5)

✔️ Google Analytics Setup


Quality Assurance & Training:

✔️ WordPress QA

✔️ Hands-On Keyboard Link Testing

✔️ Training Sessions (up to 3 hours)

✔️ Administrative Best Practices


Post-Launch Support:

✔️ 30 Days Support

✔️ Existing Website Backup

✔️ Ongoing Support Options

Email & SMS Marketing



We craft captivating campaigns that cultivate engagement, nurture leads, and drive profitable conversions. We work with all email platforms and make sure your message doesn’t go into spam!

  • 2 Email and SMS Campaigns per month
  • 8 Sales Emails per Campaign
  • 4 Marketing Emails per Campaign
  • Campaign-Specific Market Research and Identification

Custom List Building:

✔️ Custom List Built for B2B and B2C (2000 Contacts / Campaign)
✔️ Data Enrichment
✔️ List Building Best Practices
✔️ Segmentation & Targeting
✔️ 6 Buying Intent Topics

Launch & Foundation:

✔️ Platform Setup & Branding
✔️ Subscriber Magnet Creation
✔️ List Building Best Practices
✔️ Segmentation & Targeting

Campaign Creation & Automation:

✔️ Compelling Copywriting
✔️ Eye-Catching Design
✔️ Custom Automated Workflows for Each Campaign
✔️ A/B Testing & Optimization

Ongoing Management & Analysis:

✔️ Dedicated Email Marketing Specialist
✔️ Real-Time Performance Monitoring
✔️ Regular Reporting & Analysis
✔️ Campaign Refinement & Optimization


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Project Assessment

We like to start by discussing the opportunities in which you are most interested. Then, we look at the scope of the assignment, timing, budget, your wish list and end deliverables.

Conceptual Stage

This is where most people will tell you the “magic happens.” In reality, this is where hard work and experience come into play.
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Design and Development

Once we’re satisfied with the right structure, we immerse ourselves in the overall design and functionality of your site. Just as words create a tone and manner for your brand, so do the looks, sounds, colors and textures on your site.

Testing and Quality Assurance

You can’t test enough. We want to run your site on as many platforms and against as many configurations as possible. We want to know that both PC users and MAC users will all receive the exact same content.

Post Production

Now that all deliverables have been delivered, on time and on budget, post-production kicks in. We backup everything we’ve created for you numerous times, and make sure everything has been archived.