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Line Locators, a company specializing in utility line location services, sought to increase their online visibility and attract more high-quality leads. They needed a strategic approach to local SEO to outrank competitors and establish themselves as the go-to resource for their service area.

deviateMEDIA implemented a comprehensive local SEO strategy designed to boost Line Locators’ ranking in search results for targeted keywords relevant to their services.

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Deep Dive & Strategy: We conducted a thorough website audit, analyzing technical aspects, content quality, and on-page optimization. This in-depth analysis informed the development of a customized SEO strategy focused on local search dominance.

Technical SEO Foundation: Our team ensured Line Locators’ website was technically sound for search engines. This included setting up Google Analytics, Search Console, and Bing Webmasters to track website performance. Additionally, we optimized robots.txt files and implemented proper schema markup to enhance search result snippets.

On-Page Optimization Powerhouse: We optimized key website pages with relevant keywords and location-specific content. This included crafting compelling title tags, meta descriptions, and strategic use of heading tags throughout the website.

Local SEO & Credibility Boost: We established and optimized a Google My Business profile for Line Locators, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. We also submitted their business listing to a relevant GPS directory to broaden online presence.

Services Provided


deviateMEDIA’s strategic local SEO efforts delivered significant results for Line Locators:

Lead Generation: Line Locators experienced a massive surge in lead generation, with a total of 1.1K leads generated through their website and various online channels. This represents a significant increase in qualified inquiries for their services.

 – Website Leads: 430 leads were generated directly through website forms.
 – Call Surge: Phone inquiries also increased significantly, with 523 calls attributed to improved online visibility.

GMB Engagement Boost: Line Locators’ Google My Business profile saw a surge in user interaction, with 112 GMB actions taken by potential customers. This could include clicks to website, calls initiated, or requesting directions.

Positive Online Reputation: The campaign also helped build a strong online reputation for Line Locators. They received a total of 208 reviews, demonstrating customer satisfaction and trust.

Increased Website Traffic: Overall website traffic grew significantly, with a total of 517 visits attributed to the improved local SEO strategy.

Dominant Local Presence: Deviate Media’s efforts secured Line Locators a perfect 100% Local Visibility Score, indicating their prominent online presence within their target location.


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