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Linelocators, a leading provider of utility line locating and leak detection services, aimed to enhance their online presence to effectively communicate their expertise and attract new clients. With a mission to provide accurate and efficient utility line locating services and leak detection, Line Locators needed a strategic web design plan that would showcase their services, increase user engagement, and establish a strong digital footprint.


Linelocators LLC


Graphic design / Web design / Custom Coding

What We Did

We implemented a comprehensive website design and development package, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance.

Custom Website Design: We built a stunning and functional website tailored to Line Locators’ brand and target audience.

Enhanced User Experience: Three revision rounds ensured the website aligned perfectly with Line Locators’ vision.

Content-Rich Pages: We developed up to 20 informative pages showcasing Line Locators’ services and expertise.

Seamless Lead Generation: We integrated a user-friendly contact form with custom auto-response and admin notifications for efficient lead management.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We optimized the website for relevant keywords, ensuring Line Locators appears prominently in search results.

Social Media Integration: The website was optimized for effortless sharing on social media platforms, expanding Line Locators’ reach.

Security & Performance: We prioritized website security with minimal plugins and conducted thorough Quality Assurance (QA) testing.

Comprehensive Training: Up to 3 hours of training sessions equipped Line Locators’ team with the knowledge to manage the website effectively.

Post-Launch Support: We provided 30 days of dedicated support, website backup, and ongoing support options for future needs.


The redesign of has brought remarkable improvements in both aesthetics and functionality, providing users with an engaging and seamless experience. By focusing on modern design principles and user-centric features, we successfully transformed their website into a powerful tool for engagement and growth. We can expect to see:

  • Increased website traffic from organic search and social media referrals.
  • More qualified leads generated through an improved user experience and optimized contact forms.
  • Enhanced brand awareness and visibility within the utility line locating industry.

Overall, our strategic web design approach has positioned as a leader in the utility locating and leak detection industry. By continuously refining the website through user feedback and data-driven insights, we ensured it remains at the forefront of digital innovation. The new site not only reflects Line Locators’ expertise and capabilities but also supports their mission to provide accurate and efficient utility locating services.


On page SEO
Link Building
Google Business Optimization
Site Audit
Keyword Research
Months Campaign


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