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Film and video are some of the most compelling ways to deliver your unique message.
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Behind the Scenes

Video Production

What are the tools of selling today? Sure, a strong voice, a confident smile and a firm handshake are perennial winners, but arming your sales and marketing teams with compelling and effective multimedia presentations can have a long lasting, residual effect. Built on the best techniques in video, animation and sound, deviateMEDIA can create presentations on a variety of applications and platforms, making them deployable through any technical medium.

Aerial Drones​

With the development of low altitude aerial drones, we can achieve new heights when it comes to creating Business Videos, Product Videos, Industrial Videos and Films. Quality HD or 4K Aerial Video provides an excellent addition that makes shots of your real estate, resort, or golf course come alive.

Production Process​

The production process starts with setting up the equipment needed for the shoot. Some of the necessary equipment includes a camera, tripod, teleprompter, monitors, power supplies, jib, dolly, and other essential accessories. Setting up the lighting comes next. This is an important stage since lighting should reflect the mood intended for the scene. At this stage, the director gets involved to ensure that everything is in place to conduct a smooth filming. The audio stage determines the various pieces of audio equipment required to capture and record audio and put into place. Actual filming and taping of the video is the final stage, and when all the visual and audio components come together.

Pre-Production and

Although video production is the actual stage of producing a video, the two stages of pre-production and post-production are equally important. The pre-production stage involves conceptualizing, scripting, and scheduling. The post-production stage involves the off-line activities of editing and duplication.



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