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CHALLENGE, a one-stop solution for private, discreet, and luxurious electric vehicle (EV) transportation, sought to attract new customers in Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding areas. However, they lacked a strategic email marketing plan to reach their target audience effectively.

  • Boosted lead engagement, captured the attention of potential clients and fostered deeper connections.
  • Guided leads through the sales funnel by offering valuable content and establishing trust.
  • Converted leads into paying customers and drive significant revenue growth by achieving business objectives.




Targeted Audience Segmentation / Nurturing Lead Workflows / Data-Driven Optimization


We implemented a multi-pronged email marketing approach for Eride:

  • Campaign Cadence: We established a consistent campaign schedule, sending a mix of:

    • 4 Sales Emails per Month: Designed to convert leads directly, highlighting the value proposition for students (convenience, safety) or parents (peace of mind).
    • 2 Marketing Emails per Month: Focused on brand awareness and lead nurturing with informative content about’s services and benefits.
    • Targeted SMS for Promotions (Used in Last Two Campaigns): Leveraged SMS marketing strategically for special offers or time-sensitive promotions.
  • Segmentation & Personalization: While the campaign included both sales and marketing emails, we ensured personalization within each category. Emails were segmented based on the target audience to deliver the most relevant messaging and maximize engagement.


  • Strong Open Rates: The impressive open rate of 53% demonstrates the effectiveness of our audience segmentation and email subject lines. This strong foundation positions us to deliver even greater results.
  • Impressive Click-Through Rates (CTR): The current CTR of 10% exceeds industry averages, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted messaging and CTAs. We will continue to optimize these elements through A/B testing to drive even higher user engagement.
  • Measurable Growth in Leads and Conversions: By attracting the right audience with the right message, we expect to see a significant increase in qualified leads and conversions for


Planning and Strategy
List Development
Data Enrichment
Email Workflow Design
Email Drip Campaign Design
Zoho CRM
Graphic Design
Days Turnaround
Prototypes Done


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