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RIDEPLAY tv, the industry leader in high-quality short-form content for passenger entertainment systems, sought to elevate their email marketing strategy. Their primary goals were to:

  • Increase lead engagement: Capture the attention of potential clients and cultivate stronger relationships.
  • Nurture leads through the sales funnel: Move leads towards conversion by providing valuable content and building trust.
  • Drive significant revenue growth: Ultimately, convert leads into paying customers and achieve business objectives.




Targeted Audience Segmentation / Nurturing Lead Workflows / Data-Driven Optimization

Services Provided


We partnered with RIDEPLAY tv to craft a comprehensive email and SMS marketing strategy and offered a powerful combination of services designed to achieve their goals:

  • Crafting Captivating Campaigns: We developed engaging email and SMS campaigns that resonated with both B2B and B2C audiences. Our focus was on driving user engagement, nurturing leads, and ultimately, securing conversions.
  • Custom List Building & Segmentation: We built targeted contact lists (2,000 per campaign) segmented by industry, demographics, and buying intent (6 key topics identified). Data enrichment further ensured the accuracy and relevance of these lists.
  • Launch & Foundation: We established a solid foundation for success. This included setting up and branding the email platform, creating high-converting subscriber magnets, and implementing best practices for list building and segmentation.
  • Campaign Creation & Automation: Our team crafted compelling email copywriting and eye-catching visuals. We designed custom automated workflows for each campaign, incorporating A/B testing and optimization strategies to maximize results.
  • Ongoing Management & Analysis: A dedicated deviateMEDIA email marketing specialist continuously monitored campaign performance in real-time. Regular reports and data analysis allowed for ongoing campaign refinement and optimization.

Services Provided

One of the key strategies employed by Deviate Media was the development of automated email drip campaigns. These targeted sequences deliver a series of emails at specific intervals, nurturing leads and gradually guiding them towards conversion. Here’s a closer look at a particularly successful email drip campaign implemented for

The Welcome Series:

This automated drip series consisted of three emails sent at strategic intervals:

  • Email 1: Thank You for Signing Up
    • Results: High open rates (322 out of 532 delivered emails) translated to a 60.7% open rate. A low unsubscribe rate (1) demonstrated a well-crafted welcome message.
  • Email 2: RIDEPLAY tv app download link
    • Results: A slight drop in open rates (291 out of 532 delivered emails) to a 54.7% open rate was expected as some leads may not have opened the initial email. However, a significant increase in click-through rates (123 clicks) suggested successful engagement and interest in exploring the app, with a click-through rate of 23.1%.
  • Email 3: Qualify as a paid driver today!
    • Results: While open rates decreased slightly (248 out of 481 delivered emails) to a 51.8% open rate, a continued presence of clicks (48 clicks) indicated a core group of leads progressing further down the sales funnel at a 10% click-through rate. This email aimed to convert these qualified leads into paying customers.

Impact of the Welcome Series:

This automated email drip series effectively nurtured new leads. By providing value through the initial ‘Thank You’ email and then offering a download link and a call to action in subsequent emails, Deviate Media successfully moved leads closer to conversion. This demonstrates the power of nurturing leads with a well-crafted email sequence.


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List Development
Data Enrichment
Email Workflow Design
Email Drip Campaign Design
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