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deviateMEDIA implemented Google Ads and Remarketing campaign to utility locating companies and helped them acquire more qualified leads and grow their customer base. We helped them generate more calls, website traffic, and ultimately, conversions.

We did a data-driven PPC advertising strategy to increase the online visibility of utility locating companies and attract high-intent customers actively searching for utility location services.

We Created a 1400 Percent Increase in Clicks

What We Did

Campaign Launch & Foundation: We started by establishing a solid foundation for success. This included setting up a dedicated PPC dashboard, conducting in-depth keyword research, and crafting targeted ad groups centered around relevant search terms. Conversion tracking was meticulously implemented across website forms and calls to ensure accurate campaign measurement. We also integrated Google Analytics and Search Console for comprehensive campaign insights.

Ongoing Campaign Management: deviateMEDIA’s PPC specialists took an active role in managing and optimizing Line Locators’ campaigns. This included utilizing Google Extensions to showcase additional information and increase ad visibility. Call tracking was integrated with the dashboard for call attribution and analysis. We actively monitored and adjusted keyword bids based on performance, ensuring efficient budget allocation.

Combating Click Fraud & Optimizing Performance: Our team employed click fraud detection and monitoring tools to safeguard Line Locators’ budget from fraudulent clicks. We continuously monitored form submissions and calls generated by the campaign, pausing underperforming keywords and ads that weren’t delivering results. Negative keywords were strategically added to further refine targeting and prevent irrelevant ad impressions.

Transparency Through Reporting & Analysis: We provided Line Locators with regular performance reports. This included weekly PPC reports offering a real-time snapshot of campaign performance, alongside a dedicated Month 1 PPC Performance Report providing a comprehensive overview of key metrics.


Increased Online Visibility: The campaign generated a total of 14.7K impressions, successfully placing Line Locators’ ads in front of a large pool of potential customers actively searching for their services.

Targeted Clicks & Conversions: Strategic ad copy and targeting resulted in 834 total clicks, indicating strong user interest. These clicks translated into 9.4 total conversions, a significant achievement for lead generation.

Lead Generation & Call Surge: Deviate Media’s campaign generated a total of 49 leads, with 9 leads captured through website forms and a significant 40 calls attributed to the PPC campaign’s success. This demonstrates tangible lead generation and increased customer inquiries.

Understanding User Behavior: Deviate Media provided insights into user behavior by identifying Mobile Clicks (104) as the dominant source of ad interaction, highlighting the importance of mobile-optimized landing pages.

Data-Driven Optimization: By analyzing results, we identified the best day and best time to serve Line Locators’ ads for maximum impact. This ongoing optimization ensures efficient budget allocation and maximizes return on ad spend (ROAS).


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