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Line Locators, a company specializing in utility location, sought to increase their online visibility and attract more high-quality leads. They needed a strategic approach to local SEO to outrank competitors and establish themselves as the go-to resource for their service area.

deviateMEDIA implemented a comprehensive local SEO strategy designed to boost Line Locators’ ranking in search results for targeted keywords relevant to their services.

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Collaborative Planning: Through in-depth discussions, we understood’s goals, target audience, and brand identity. We then gathered access to their existing website and content, collaborating on logo and color scheme to establish a cohesive brand visual.

Custom WordPress Website: Our team built a custom WordPress theme, ensuring a modern and aesthetically pleasing website that seamlessly integrates with’s branding. We designed multiple homepage and interior page options for their selection, and up to four rounds of revisions ensured the final layout perfectly aligned with their vision. Content creation specialists crafted informative content, including up to 20 pages of engaging blog posts and static landing pages optimized for lead generation. For optimal search engine visibility, we implemented SEO best practices within the homepage code. Google Analytics was also installed to track website traffic and user behavior, providing valuable insights for future marketing strategies.

Rigorous Testing & Launch: We meticulously tested the website across various devices and browsers to guarantee seamless mobile responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. Website performance was analyzed to optimize loading speed for a smooth user experience. All forms were tested for functionality, and manual testing verified every link functioned as intended. Following successful testing, we securely migrated the website to’s preferred hosting provider and provided comprehensive handover documents for easy maintenance.


The custom WordPress website developed by DeviateMedia transformed into a powerful online marketing tool. Here are some key achievements:

Enhanced User Experience: The website’s modern design and intuitive navigation provide visitors with a seamless experience across all devices.

Improved Search Engine Ranking: SEO optimizations have increased Linelocators’ visibility in search results, attracting more qualified leads.

Increased Lead Generation: User-friendly contact forms and clear calls to action facilitate interaction with potential clients.

Streamlined Content Management: The CMS enables Linelocators to update website content independently, ensuring its freshness and relevance.

Quantifiable Traffic Increase:
– Direct traffic increased by 100%, indicating more users are finding organically.
– Organic traffic also saw a 100% increase, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SEO efforts.
– Paid traffic and referral traffic both increased by 100%, suggesting a well-rounded digital marketing strategy is at


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