These presentations on a variety of
applications and platforms, making them
deploy-able through any technical medium.

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Interactive Multimedia

What are the tools of selling today? Sure, a strong voice, a confident smile and a firm handshake are perennial winners, but arming your sales and marketing teams with compelling and effective multimedia presentations can have a long lasting residual effect. Built on the best techniques in video, animation and sound, deviateMEDIA can create these presentations on a variety of applications and platforms, making them deploy-able through any technical medium.

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Equipped with an exciting and effective, multimedia presentation complete with video, animation and sound, your sales and marketing teams can leave an indelible impression on your customers. Multimedia marketing materials can be repeatedly updated to reflect up to the minute information, greatly extending their usability life; allowing you to realize increased value from their initial design investment. Multimedia presentations can even be delivered electronically for an on-line presentation that’s just mouse clicks away.

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What is your strategy to convey your unique vision and message?

What measures are you taking to ensure your visibility? Let deviateMEDIA be a part of your latest strategy. Our team of professionals focus on every aspect of multimedia providing the latest in stunning and effective interactive solutions that fit your marketing and messaging goals. From the amazingly simple to the stunningly elaborate, our work is designed to fit your budget and take your vision to a new level.

We will walk you through every step of the process, from conceptualizing and budget planning to design and realization. And with our knowledge and experience, the finished product can incorporate almost anything imaginable: from simple multimedia presentations linked to your web site and databases to virtual 3D tours. The only limit is your imagination.

3D design and Animation

Computer animation is the cornerstone of any eye-catching and memorable multimedia presentation. Regardless of the source, from video to CD-ROM to the World Wide Web, your presentation’s message will be highlighted with creative animation. . 3D is a powerful tool for visual communications. Using 3D graphics, deviateMEDIA provides solutions for a wide-range of business applications including product visualization, packaging design, architectural rendering and media animation.

If it doesn’t exist yet, deviateMEDIA can bring it to life.

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Bringing it all Together

With years of marketing and design experience the talent at deviateMEDIA contribute far more than fantastic 3D imagery to your project. Graphic design, professional writing, music production, voice-overs and video production are all part of the deviateMEDIA equation. Valuable strategic marketing experience is the key to bringing it all together in ways that will directly benefit your business.
3D computer modeling can provide an effective visualization method for product demonstrations to your clients.

Properly implemented, 3D computer models offer clients a virtual alternative to hands-on interaction. The possibilities are virtually limitless for virtual visualization with the technology of today.

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We’re in the business of having clients for life. We often act as an extension of our client’s marketing team providing cutting edge technology and services that scale to meet the growth of our clients. We are a full service design firm capable of handling all of your marketing needs under one roof.

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What our Clients are saying

  • "Greg Maestro has proven to me time and again that he is a strong vendor partner. His ability to harness experts in design and manage them to provide you with the results that are beyond expectations is amazing. At NeighborWorks America, it is not uncommon to have projects with short turn times and he has delivered. In addition, Greg is a strategic thinker and provides options to ensure that you get the best solutions. I know the old basketball term "sixth man" usually indicates the depth of talent on a team. Greg would be a good addition to any communications team, definitely a sixth man."

    Carol Walker
    Carol WalkerNeighborWorks America
  • "We're happy to promote Deviate Media, they do great work! We've been doing business with them for over four years and continue to rely on them for our print, web and presentation needs. We were awarded a contract from NASA that Deviate Media helped us win. We've recommended their services to many of our clients and colleagues."

    Chris Davis, PartnerProxtronics LLC
  • "Deviate Media was the first Search Engine Optimization Preferred Vendor and was invited to present at Sage’s annual channel partner conference on SEO and website design. He is great to work with and puts his customers first. I’ve hired Deviate Media for several website projects and highly recommend Greg. "

    Scott Gaw
    Scott GawSage Software
  • "The staff at Deviate Media were easy to work with and went the extra mile for us. They worked overtime to help us launch a website in time for a seminar. We're very happy with our new website and will be using Deviate Media for our search engine optimization efforts."

    Beth Courtney, PartnerTSI Technology Group, Inc.
  • "We have received such a positive response to our new web site, I wanted to thank everyone at Deviate Media for doing a great job! We are now projecting the true image of our company, not the misrepresentation we had previously. Our sales have increased since our launch due to our new creditable and professional web presence."

    Rhonda Helal, Partner
    Rhonda Helal, Partner Gray Graphics Inc
  • "Deviate Media delivered a final product that far exceeded our expectations. They thought of things that never even crossed our mind in the planning process. I would highly recommend them to any company considering a new website design."

    Nicholas Kyriazis, Vice President of Sales & MarketingSyncSite
  • "We just wanted to thank you for your knowledge and assistance in the selection and redesign of our website. You listened to what we wanted and helped us to achieve that goal. It's been a pleasure having my staff work with you."

    Dan Sulman, PartnerPyramid Consulting
  • "Greg and his company did work for me and for many Sage Business Partners during the 3 years I worked with him. He specialized in innovative online marketing solutions for websites and I frequently called upon him as an expert speaker at workshops to teach Sage Business Partners how they could improve their websites. Many many Business Partners gave Greg their highest ratings and returned to work with him year after year."

    Tom Hume
    Tom HumeSage Software
  • "DeviateMedia has been serving Solutions Developers for four years and they are a trusted vendor that is able to deliver under aggressive schedules. DeviateMedia has helped us with every aspect of our branding, including our logos, web design, advertising, marketing and trade show collateral. Greg and his team are fun to work with, value conscious and deliver designs that create results!"

    Chris Hornbecker, CEO
    Chris Hornbecker, CEOThe Solutions Developers Corporation
  • "Everyone at Deviate Media has been a pleasure to work with. Their team has helped us achieve visibility in the search engines, increase sales and gain brand awareness. We've been working with Greg and his designers for almost six years now and they are our design and marketing team. They've done everything from our tradeshow booth design to our corporate ID, website and advertisements."

    Sheri Buehler, Director of MarketingHydroLogic Solutions
  • "Greg has been a strong asset to the Sage Partner Marketing program, providing innovative, cost-effective web solutions for the Sage partners. I appreciate Greg's insight into developing new products that fit the partners' marketing needs - to build awareness and generate leads. He has helped partners of all sizes- from national partners to one-man-shops. I hope to continue a strong working relationship and to bring Greg's expertise and creativity to new web marketing programs that I'm working on."

    Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald
    Christine Stewart-FitzgeraldSage Software
  • "Greg and team optimized the website for StormChamber. Since the SEO, we have jumped to the top of the search engines and Greg has helped us stay there. Not only is Greg's team good at SEO, but they also have great web design team. Check out the website they did for us:"

    Emily Leayner
    Emily LeaynerStormChamber
  • Deviate Media offered excellent turnkey website solutions for Sage Software business partners. Greg is professional, accommodating and timely. He certainly added tremendous value to the Sage Turnkey Program. I would be delighted to partner with Greg in the future due to his attention to detail and quality work.

    Kelly Balarie
    Kelly BalarieSage Software
  • "Deviate Media accomplished in five days what we had been trying to do for the last several years. We improved our web image at a fraction of the time and cost. We'll certainly be using Deviate Media for future projects."

    Kip Smith, President
    Kip Smith, PresidentAlternetics Inc.
  • "Since we participated in Deviate Media's search engine program we have seen an increase in website traffic that actually converted into sales. Before Deviate Media we weren't ranking well in the search engines, now we're on the 1st page! They did a great job re-designing our website, corporate ID, trade show booth and brochures. We're happy to be a client and will continue to use them in the future."

    Stephanie Hargrove, PresidentSummitt Business Solutions, LLC
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